Summber Body Challenge by Kinga Sebestyen

Summer Body Challenge by Kinga Sebestyén 

Terms and conditions

Location: YouTube Channel – Kinga Sebestyen – Kangoo JumpsénKangooJumps 

Conditions of participation: Every single person is allowed to participate who is above age 18, no matter physical condition, residency or gender. 

Entry fee: Participation is FREE. Every participant has to sign up on the following FORM

Prizes: There are prizes in total amount of 2100 Euro.  

1st place (total amount of 1500 Euro): The winner’s prize is one week of Transformation Holiday with Kinga Sebestyen + Lululemon Athletica Sportswear + Other surprize prizes  

2nd place: Prizes in total amount of 300 Euro 

3rd place: Prizes in total amount of 200 Euro 

4th place: Prizes in total amount of 100 Euro 


Goals: The goals of the participants may be losing weight, getting a fit body or developing healthy habits. 

There will be 2 workouts every day: 66 minutes morning run on Kangoo Jumps rebound shoes and 66 minutes Kangoo Jumps workout in the afternoon, live on YouTube. If you are unable to join at the live workout, you are allowed to do it later and confirm with pictures and stepcounter.


  1. Each participant has to complete the subscribing form before starting the challenge, with correct and real data. 
  2. Each participant has to join 2 workouts/day during 21 days.
  3. Each participant has to post a comment on the live video of every workout saying “Present”. 
  4. After every workout, each participant has to post a photography on social media with the following description: I participate on Summer Body Challenge by Kinga Sebestyen. I am done with my first workout (for the morning running workouts) / second workout (for the afternoon Kangoo Jumps workout) on my 1 day of challenge (on each day you must write the number of the day of the Challenge). See the workout I did on the following link: here you have to paste the youtube link with Kinga’s workout you just finished. Hastags: #summerbody #challenge #kingasebestyen #kangoojumps 
  5. The participants have to wear a stepcounter device (Fitness Bracelett, smart watches or smartphones). After each running workout, your social media post about finishing the workout has to contain a photography with your stepcounter to show how many steps you did. 
  6. Each participant has to invite 5 friends to join the Summber Body Challenge by Kinga Sebestyen by tagging them in his/her daily posts.
  7. Each participant has to own a pair of rebound shoes. If not, order on 
  8. For every workout, participants must have: Kangoo Jumps rebound shoes, long cotton socks, sports wear, wristband, bottle of water, step counter device. 
  9. At the end of the challenge, each participant has to complete a new FORM with the updated data (ex. Weight, diameters and full body photography), in order to find the winner. 
  10. The winners will be named based on the total body transformation during the challenge.
  11. The winners have to follow all the rules compulsory. 
  12. Photographs sent by you will be used on the web site and in any advertisements unless requested in writing at the beginning of the contest by the individual concerned, emails are acceptable. All submitted photographs automatically become property of the Summer Body Challenge by Kinga Sebestyen Leadership.  
  13. The leadership of the Summer Body Challenge by Kinga Sebestyen is in no way to be held responsible for damages or injuries incurred by participants of the challenge. Each member is personally responsible for his/her own care. 

Sign up FORM – Click here

Finishing FORM – Click here 



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