We are happy to inform all Kangoo Jumps enthusiasts that the celebration of the 10th anniversary of Kangoo Jumps Romania will be held in Miercurea-Ciuc between 17-18 March 2018.

This international charity event is organized together with M.A.M.E. Association (Asociatia MAME) from Romania. All income will be donated for children under the association "umbrella". ♥

M.A.M.E. Association

The name of M.A.M.E. is the abbreviation of Maternity, Advocacy, Medicine, Education.

By the initiative of Maria Culescu, who was diagnosed with cancer, this Nonprofit Organization (NGO) was founded at the beginning of 2009.

She followed disease-specific treatment at the Oncology Institute from Fundeni, Romania. Unfortunately, her state of health did not improve and the disease advanced, so she decided to take advantage of a series of Cyberknife sessions at a foreign clinic.


She returned to Romania with a desire to change something for the better, but realizing that individually she would not be able to accomplish significant change, she decided to set up her NGO. Thus, over the years, she has tried to co-opt as many people as possible to support, get involved and join the projects initiated and carried out within the association, for the benefit of the medical system in Romania.


The objectives of the association are:

  • to initiate and supervise projects
  • campaigns and events for the benefit of children
  • identify and help patients with serious illnesses
  • social protection of children and parents in need
  • educational projects and awareness campaigns


However, the main purpose of the activity carried out by the M.A.M.E. Association team, will always remain to support the medical system in Romania.

That is why we intend to periodically support projects that contributes to the increase of the quality in the health services by equipping the hospitals with the necessary medical equipment, tools and personnel.


We are ready to embrace any action that can generate funds for these projects to materialize. We urge all those who want to support the work of the M.A.M.E. Association, to invest with confidence in the struggle that she has committed to carry on.

We assure you of all our support and visibility but also of total transparency and genuine commitment, as we have succeeded in bring to fruition the humanitarian and social actions that have begun so far.

The event has 3 main goals.

  1. The first goal is Social


We want to continue our charity activity with the M.A.M.E. Association, because this will be our 9th collaboration with them, where we are helping the children under their care, many of whom are struggling with cancer. We will donate all our incomes generated by this Anniversary event.

  1. The second goal is Celebration

Kinga Sebestyén is celebrating the 10th year of her Kangoo Jumps activity in Romania, the host city (Miercurea-Ciuc) was the birth place of this movement.

  • We would like to organize a high level international fitness event, where worldwide respected fitness persons will get in contact with fitness instructors from all around Eastern Europe, and share their knowledge among them.
  • Our focus is on new and modern fitness activities and many side programs for the instructors (meetings, Q&A with fitness stars like you, education workshops, fitness activities financial approach, etc.)
  • These two days are planned as follows:
  • 1st day - 17 March 2018 - in 3 parts:
    • 1st is about Power, Fitness
    • 2nd is about Dance, Fitness
    • 3rd is about Kick & Punch Fitness
  • 2nd day – 18 March 2018
    • Workshops
    • Seminars
    • Q/A with International Presenters
    • Business Seminars
    • Fitness and Sport Products exhibitions
    • Marketing and Financial tricks and tips for Instructors


  1. The third goal is about launching Kinga`s Fitness Academy.
  • This academy's goal is to bring under one umbrella all activities which can be done on rebound shoes.
  • We wish to work with you in the future, and to promote and develop each other’s activity. We give you an online platform access for your new program, new potential clients and new way of income.

We need you to be part of our International Academy.