Introduction Rebounder, reboundology and reboundologist are terminologies established by Albert Carter, pioneer in studying the effects of rebound exercise.

He began his studies in the mid 1970’s, when he was a trampoline champion. He noticed that, even though he was not as well conditioned, he was beating much stronger and more highly trained men at arm wrestling. He suspected that his superiority was due to his frequent use of the trampoline. This started his studies on the effects of rebound exercise on the human body. The results of his findings were so astounding that he thought that everybody should engage into trampoline exercise. Trampolines were pretty dangerous for common people so he invented what he named the rebounder, the round mini trampoline we all know.

Here is the definition of Rebound Exercise as given by Al Carter:

“The common denominator of all exercises is opposition to the gravitational pull of the earth. Even before birth, the human body grows strong enough to be able to resist the ever present downward pull of Mother Earth. A child learns to crawl, walk, run, play and even throw balls by constantly competing with gravity.

Formal exercise methods are no different. To exercise the body, one carry’s out various movements designed against gravity, utilizing everything from body parts to fulcrums, levers, pulleys, inclined planes and even dead weights to challenge major muscle groups.

With rebound exercise, you oppose gravity, but you also utilize two other natural dynamic forces found within our environment, two forces which, for the most part, have been overlooked by other exercise methods. These forces are acceleration and deceleration. When your body stops its downward movement at the bottom of the bounce, the force of deceleration and gravity come into play. When the body begins its upward motion, acceleration is added to the other two forces. The physical human body doesn’t recognize these three different forces but simply accepts the combination of the three forces as an increase of the gravitational pull of the earth. Logically, we know that increasing gravity is impossible, but the cells of the body don’t. Because all of the cells of the body have the capability to adjust to their environment, all of the cells of your body begin to adjust by becoming individually and collectively stronger.

Old-fashioned exercise programs teach how you can strengthen the muscles of the body. Rebounding is an advanced exercise in that it is a cellular exercise. All cells of the body become stronger. This includes muscles, bones, skin, connective tissues, and all vital organs, as well as muscles used for digestion and elimination. Even the cells of the eyes are strengthened by rebounding.”

Reboundology is based on the combined forces of gravity, acceleration and deceleration. The gravity is the force that attracts us to the ground. The unit of measure of this force is called G. 1 G corresponds to our weight here on Earth, when we stand still. When we accelerate the G force increases. When we decelerate the G decreases.

N.A.S.A. has confirmed the ability of the human body to adjust to the change of gravity. When astronauts were sent to space for fourteen days, they lost 15% of their bone and muscle mass. Space rats lost 40% of their mass in only 7 days. Their problem has been how to re-condition the astronauts the most efficient way.

By combining the G force with the acceleration and deceleration while jumping repeatedly, we are subjecting our body to an oscillation between 0 G (at the top of the jump) and 2-4 G (at the impact). Each of our cells is put under stress and is forced to adapt to a higher gravity. Thus cells get stronger with rebound exercise.

N.A.S.A.’s scientist took lymphocytes from astronauts and subjected them to a 3 G force in a laboratory centrifuge during 3 days. In that short time the cell membranes became 50% stronger than normal.

The Healthy Cell Concept

This is probably the most significant discovery made by Al Carter. Here’s the concept, in his own words:

“Each of us begins life in a single cell. After fertilization, the cell divides and transforms itself into two identical cells. Each cell carries the identical DNA programming with which it was endowed at the instant of conception. This incredible process of multiplication by division continues until at last the adult human is made up of a mass of 75 trillion highly intelligent cells. Each individual cell knows its business and performs its function in concert with all other cells. The Healthy Cell Concept precisely identifies the basic needs of the cell to be healthy. The Healthy Cell concept includes, Cell Food, Cell Environment, Cell Exercise, and Cell Communication.

The synergistic effect of the four vitally important parts of the Healthy Cell Concept on the human body is so phenomenal that health miracles are expected.”

Let’s take a more visual approach:

Consider a balloon filled with water. A human cell is just like this balloon. Now watch what happens to this balloon / cell as you rebound.

Using this same principle, Kangoo Jumps rebound shoes actually allow you to train all your muscles at the same time and increase bone density.

You must remember that the formula for physical strength of connective tissue, even at the cell level, is:

Positive Stress x Repetition = Strength