1. Important:
the T-Spring's hardness has to be adjusted to your weight (except for former model KJ4-XR), as well as to your desire of flexibility. The softness of your rebound force must be tested while running, not jumping with both feet at once.

Please watch: new T-Springs are harder and need to be "softened". After being used for only a few minutes, they will reach their final standard. To soften them, jog a while or jump on one foot at a time. We recommend to change the T-Springs after every 50-60 hours of use.

2. For better rebounding results, avoid running on your tiptoes.

3. When taking off your Kangoo Jumps rebound shoes, don't open the buckles, just press the clips to remove the straps without lifting the buckles.

Using Kangoo Jumps rebound shoes, like any sport activity involving motion, involves some risk of injury. Although this product has been found to be very safe and easy to use by most users, it is important to follow some common sense guidelines to avoid accidental injury. Please carefully review the following instructions:


1. Begin on a flat, dry surface when learning the basics.

2.Practice by running in place and learn the basics skills of jogging and coming to a smooth stop.

3. Stay alert and aware of your surroundings and changing road conditions. Remain in control of your motions.

4. Avoid water, oil, debris, and uneven pavements.

5. Observe all traffic regulations and avoid areas of heavy traffic.

6. Move to the left of pedestrians, joggers, cyclists, skaters and rollerbladers, when passing them.

7. Except when passing always run on the right hand side of the road.

8. Safety gear is optional. Suggested use as per normal running or jogging.


- Follow the Assembly Instructions very carefully.

- Check that the tension spring & sole are properly inserted .

- Tighten buckles securely for good ankle support.

- Allow a firm but comfortable fit from heel to toe.


Avoid gaining excessive speed going downhill.

Always be observant for obstacles in the road, path, or sidewalk.

Be sure about your ability to control your speed and stop before running or jumping on other than a flat surface.

DON'T OVERDO IT!!! People get so euphoric using Kangoo Jumps rebound shoes, that they have a tendency to exercise more than they should.

Pay attention for ankle soreness, either abrasive or bruising, and end your workout at the earliest feeling of discomfort. Extra padding, such as a jacket shoulder pad, tennis sweatband, or extra socks may ease to problem area.