IPS is patented by Kangoo Jumps. It reduces the impact by up to 80% which make Kangoo Jumps rebound shoes, the World's Lowest Impact Shoes

Kangoo Jumps rebound shoes are made of the best available materials and are therefore very durable.

Unlike quality running shoes, which specialists recommend using for not more than 350 miles - 550 KM (50 to 60 hours), Kangoo Jumps rebound shoes can last for many years. However, they obviously need regular maintenance to keep their performance and give you full satisfaction. Remember that you compress their IPS about 4000 times every single hour! Therefore make sure to follow the maintenance recommendations below:

1. T-springs: this is the component which needs the most attention. We recommend changing your T-Springs after every 50-80 hours of use, even though they can last longer. If you exceed that time:
- the rebound effect will be reduced
- you might experience Shell breakage because over-used T-Springs put more stress on the Shells.

2. Shells: don’t need any special care. However, overused T-Springs put additional stress on the shells. So, if the T-Springs are not changed after a maximum 80 hours, the chances of having a shell break increases. Shells do break occasionally, after a certain period of usage time, which varies depending on the usage conditions.

Outdoor use of Kangoo Jumps rebound shoes may reduce the life span of the above components.

3. Liners: can be machine washed at 30º C. Do not tumble dry them

4. Soles: are made of the best existing material. It can take you up to 1-2 years to wear them out. They are constructed of non-marking materials. Important though: after you have used your Kangoo Jumps boots outdoors, clean your treads and remove all stones which might have got caught in the sole, before using them again indoors.

Replacing treads is easy: use a large regular screwdriver in a lever motion to disassemble them from the lower shell and reassemble them again.

5. Buckles: when they lack lubricant, they become difficult to snap, even if you don’t tighten them too much. They need only very slight lubrication. Actually only the moisture of your finger (you can first rub it on your face to get more moisture) is enough: lift the buckle and rub the metal hook below the buckle. If a buckle gets broken, (very exceptional) it can be replaced easily by the client. We provide spare buckles & bolts,
for this purpose. The old buckle can be removed by drilling the rivet. A shoe repair shop can also handle it.

6. After running on a beach (or dirt paths) make sure you disassemble your Kangoo Jumps rebound shoes and carefully clean the components to remove all dust and salt. Oil the buckles & bolts.

If you used Kangoo Jumps rebound shoes outdoors and then want to use them indoors, please check the soles and remove the stones / dirt to make sure not to damage your floors.